Hackers and Google

To understand hackers and Google simply follow the money. Google Advertising Company pays Google  –> Google delivers adverts from Google and from 3rd party media owners  –> Google pays suppliers (and itself) Hackers have three main fake click opportunities to make money.  Both are easy to detect and to stop and yet, hackers are coining it. Some hacker groups are making millions of US$ monthly by offering both services. Fake clicks to get money from Google (Adsense) Fake clicks to kill advertising  (Adwords) Fake clicks…

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EU announces International Cybercrime Pilot Project

About the Cybercrime Pilot Project International Cybercrime Pilot will start on 1 September 2014 and conclude at the end of February 2015. The new test unit will consist of cybercrime detectives from  Austria, France, US, UK, France, Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Canada as well as from other countries. The Unit will be known as the Joint Cybercrime Action Taskforce or J-CAT The Unit will operate from only one central location, the EC3 (European Cybercrime Centre) in The Hague. The head of the cybercrime unit will be…

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WordPress plugin security threat to 1,7 million wordpress websites

A security exploit in a very popular wordpress plugin, Mailpoet with over 1 700 000 (1.7 million) downloads, has already seen tens of thousands of websites all over the world hacked. If you use the plugin, please update to version 2.6.7 (released 24th July) Marc-Alexandre Montpas, a member of the research team identified the exploit as a remote file uploading flaw. The flaw allows anyone to upload files to the website without authentication. This is extremely dangerous as anyone can upload any program to…

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Hackers and holidays

Hackers have breached the security at the European Central Bank (ECB). German police are currently investigating the breach at the ECB. Hackers have broken in, stolen data and are extorting the Bank to pay millions to prevent the public release of the stolen data.( More about the hack later in this article) All eyes are now on the beaches of Spain. After the recent US trend of arresting Russian hackers on holiday, all eyes are on the top beaches in Spain.  Everyone is wondering which…

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Google Little Box Challenge

us$1million on offer from Google

According to Google, they are looking for absolutely anyone that can do the best job of building a kW-scale inverter with a power density greater than 50W per cubic inch.  Google says: “Do it best and we’ll give you a million bucks” From the Google website: …”the big box is a power inverter, a picnic cooler-sized device used to convert the energy that comes from solar, electric vehicles & wind (DC power) into something you can use in your home (AC power). We want to…

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E-mail is dead, Long live E-mail!

The demise of email I recall hearing from my University professor that this new electronic mail thing will become obsolete in the next few years ( and that soon Lotus 1-2-3 will be the only thing installed on computers… This was 28 years ago. Ever since then there have been many informed and regarded opinions claiming the exact same thing. I have never believed any of them. I also did not believe the UCT Professors that taught their students that E-mail is an excellent marketing…

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Money on the Internet

Follow the money on the Internet In terms of keeping clicks inside their own ecosystem, social media and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter has lost some of their shine. Companies are spending less money on engaging customers on external properties and are increasingly interacting with their customers on their own property. Bloggers started the trend to move away from externally owned properties (domains not owned by the blogger, including Facebook, Blogspot, WordPress) and these days are publishing on their own domains and properties…

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The last word on passwords

The simple truth about passwords are that the security of any password does not depend all that much on you. People love telling you how YOU have to ensure that you do not use easy to guess passwords, your date of birth or the  name of your cat. Secure Passwords The ‘experts’ are telling you that secure passwords have to be at least eight to twenty digits long. Secure passwords have to consist of upper case and lower case alpha numeric characters, which you have…

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We can do IT

SMME Cyber security for dummies

Almost all small and medium business enterprises have their IT department or IT person taking responsibility for their Cyber Security needs. The large companies already know that Cyber Security is not an ICT function and where IT still deals with Cyber Security there are exit strategies being implemented or planned. Cyber Security relates to the very core of the modern business. It relates to everything from the mission critical data to the corporate strategy and just the management of the risks involved is resulting in…

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All things Cyber

The word Cyber is not a real word. It also does not really mean anything specific and is generally adopted to mean anything to do with Computers or Networks.  These days even Fashion. The Greek word, Cybernetic, relates to control and Governing more than anything scientific, advances, space or virtually perceived locations.  Who knows why general society adopted the terminology? Maybe it is because much of ICT is still today shrouded in mystery and magic and the word ‘Cyber’ sounds mysterious and is unknown? So…

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