Twitter adding buy button

Twitter is known for doing powerful things using less, the new buy button is no different and fits right in as micro blogging meets micro shopping…   The new buy button that Twitter has started testing in the USA should be far less invasive commercialization than that of other social media services, such as Facebook.  The buy button is to appear during the test period, next to tweets from certain test partners. The single buy button will allow consumers to click or tap through to…

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Apple® Pay™ launched

Apple® Pay™ is going to change the way you pay for things, so says Apple® CEO Tim Cook in a streamed event. Apple® apparently provides security in a near field communication app, which translates into more secure way of paying with your Apple® device at retail stores. As of writing this, 220 000 retailers in the USA are ready to accept payments using Apple® devices and they work with both Mastercard and VISA (as well as American Express). But  is Apple® Pay™all that revolutionary that…

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Really cool things to chat about

IBM has developed tech that will see your mobile phone battery life increase many fold. This involves the miniaturisation of piezoelectronic transistors.  The same lower power usage technology can simply be used to leave battery life where it is currently and substantially increase processing, storage and resources on your smartphone. So, what will win out? An AI mobile device that rules your life or a standard device that needs charging once every week or two?   If you really want to, you can read more about…

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Google develops and tests drones

Google has chosen the Australian outback (probably because of the law – more accurately the lack thereof) to test delivery drones… This on the heels of Amazon and many other huge multinationals, developing and testing drone tech. In South Africa the use of drones are legal and may be used, but with permission from South African Civil Aviation Authority (Sacaa).   South Africa is a signatory state of ICAO, a United Nations body, and has invested heavily – through active involvement in the ICAO Unmanned Aircraft…

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Dropbox fires missile at Google

Dropbox dropped the price of 1 Terrabyte storage to us$9.99 pm this brings the price that Dropbox charges inline with the us$9.99 that Google charges per TB of storage. Dropbox also upgraded the Pro service, from the Dropbox blog: New sharing controls Simple collaboration is one of the reasons people choose Dropbox Pro, but we’ve heard you ask for more ways to protect the stuff you share. That’s why we’re bringing new sharing controls to Dropbox Pro. Passwords for shared links create an additional layer…

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Rocket carrying hypersonic space weapon

US Destroys Space Weapon

The US is developing an advanced Space Weapon that can strike anywhere on earth in under one hour.  The Weapon is designed to travel just over 20 000 kilometers per hour and at the edge of space. The trajectory of the weapon is different to that of a nuclear missile, which should avoid Russian & Chinese auto nuclear weapon launches, if they think they are under attack by the USA. The weapon was launched yesterday, but was destroyed shortly after takeoff at Kodiak, Alaska as…

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Google hacking

Google hacking (or Google Dorking) warnings has recently (7 July 2014) been issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  You may be wondering why this very old knowledge is new news in August of 2014? Wonder no longer, for great entertainment, mosey over to Google to try some of these gems for yourself… Here is the  Google dorking warning release by the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and the National Counterterrorism Center The simple truth is that a quick search on Google using…

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Got your exoskeleton on?

  Get your Exoskeleton on by pre-ordering from NOONEE Noonee spun out of the NCCR Robotics lab at engineering university ETH Zurich and is led by CEO Keith Gunura. In an interview with CNN, Gunura said that he came up with the idea of the Chairless Chair while working at a packaging factory in the U.K. twelve years ago. “Standing for hours on end causes a lot of distress to lower limbs, but most workers get very few breaks and chairs are rarely provided, because…

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SWAT and DDOS attack on Sony causes severe disruptions

An organised swat and ddos attack was executed yesterday on Sony Entertainment. The attacks resulted in severe disruptions to Sony Network as well as disruptions to the lives of Sony executives. During the 2011 hacking attack on Sony Entertainment, Sony took the PlayStation Network offline and reported that user data was stolen in a major breach of it’s network. The latest attack started with a DDOS (Distributed denial of service attacks) and also involved bomb threats. The bomb threats resulted in a SWAT type attack…

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SEO Google

SEO and your website on Google

SEO in three words is: “conform and comply” The simple truth about SEO and Google Search rankings: Where (or if) your web page is listed on Google mostly depends on the content and quality of your website. SEO is continually changing to an increased mobile focus as well as continuing the increases seen in off site quality and honing the weight of user intent. SEO Search Engine Optimisation is simply that your website is optimised to be indexed by search engines. All this means that…

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