Social Media

Only losers and small children post what they are eating, where they are and what they are doing every five seconds. Only losers and stalkers care whether you are at the mall, whether you are trying on a new pair of shoes or eating a taco. Social media has granted the common person the ability to think that other people care what they are doing and what they are thinking. Yet, feeds are controlled by software and what who sees when depends on data and…

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Deep Mind and AI

News of Google expanding the Deep Mind acquisition  to add various thought leaders in the field of artificial intelligence, is interesting.  With Elon Musk spreading the word that the machine is more dangerous than nuclear weapons, interest in AI has peaked of late. Google needs Deep Mind to succeed as it believes that it will assure dominance in the search market. The coming of the machine is already inevitable. Not to support the dominance and control of a multinational market share, but to populate and…

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Google launches INBOX

In an effort to create additional vendor lock in (into your Gmail email account) Google launched  something called “Inbox” which is exactly the same as an e-mail client yet they confusingly claim that it is not that. It will get you to spend your time and efforts to train the email client “in the cloud” and not on your local software, and it will lock your settings and teachings into the Gmail system. You will find it very hard to migrate elsewhere if you start…

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SNAIL Attack

In 2014 you may have heard about *Poodle?  *Shell? *Heartbeat? but have you heard about Snail? The Snail DOS or Snail denial of service attack is a different type of slime altogether… People of South Africa are currently not vulnerable to this denial of service attack. (South Africa does not have a functioning postal service) Attack Vectors: Websites that accept updated postal information upon account creation and activation.  (South African Example: Certain traffic fine websites, toll roads, etc. ) These websites then generate printed documentation…

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Are you vulnerable to a Poodle Bite?

To test if you are vulnerable to POODLE – If you see a Poodle, you are and if you see a terrier, you are good to go Test if vulnerable to Poodle Security exploit If you are using Firefox and you do not want to wait for the 20th of November update in which SSL v3 is disabled, you can download this ssl-version control plugin from Mozilla This will stop the POODLE attack in its tracks If you are using some other browser, like Internet…

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Artificial intelligence and the extinction of the human race

Artificial intelligence is that which will cause the extinction of humans. It is the next step in the evolutionary process. There are many reasons why this is not a fringe theory or science fiction. The most obvious is that recursive self improving AI already exists and works real well.  This type of AI functions similar to a growing child. If this child is provided with empowering access to resources in terms of remote mobility, nano robotics and other executive technological resources, the simple and factual…

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World Police: Prevent, detect and investigate cyber-crime

Interpol announced that it is opening an International Police Service facility in Singapore Ronald K. Noble the INTERPOL Secretary General announced the center on Tuesday. The center should be fully operational by end April 2015 and it is to be used to promote police to police information, tools and resources.   Noble said: “Police are traditionally trained to protect citizens from harm, a harm that is visible, or simply physical in nature. But the widening intersection of real and virtual lives challenges that very tradition,…

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Shocked out of your shell

For those that are still checking shells for shellshock, here is a string to copy & paste “env x=’() { :;}; echo vulnerable’ bash -c “echo this is a test” If you see the word vulnerable, you are… If you see only “this is a test” that does not guarantee that you are not vulnerable… Some early sec updates still handled the storage of functions somewhat custom… Here is how the exploit works:  In the above string, we are storing a function in the shell…

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Twitter adding buy button

Twitter is known for doing powerful things using less, the new buy button is no different and fits right in as micro blogging meets micro shopping…   The new buy button that Twitter has started testing in the USA should be far less invasive commercialization than that of other social media services, such as Facebook.  The buy button is to appear during the test period, next to tweets from certain test partners. The single buy button will allow consumers to click or tap through to…

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Apple® Pay™ launched

Apple® Pay™ is going to change the way you pay for things, so says Apple® CEO Tim Cook in a streamed event. Apple® apparently provides security in a near field communication app, which translates into more secure way of paying with your Apple® device at retail stores. As of writing this, 220 000 retailers in the USA are ready to accept payments using Apple® devices and they work with both Mastercard and VISA (as well as American Express). But  is Apple® Pay™all that revolutionary that…

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