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Cubit Accounting News

April 2008

First locally developed free and BSD Licensed open source POS system released

Cubit Accounting Software, which develops, supplies and maintains the Cubit accounting package, has announced the availability of its software in several local language modules, including Xhosa, Zulu, North Sotho and Afrikaans.
Cubit overcomes language barriers

Local Linux and Windows software expands internationally

Software Freedom day 2005

Open Source is alive and thriving in SA Brian Bakker – LinuxWorld SA – 16 May 2005
The brief for this story was to examine the state of open source software (OSS) in SA. Yet, despite the fact that all active open source projects can be found on the Internet, few identify themselves with particular countries or locations. If you are interested, a good place to start looking is, but be warned, there are well over 100 000 projects listed – many of them dormant.

Changing of the guard? Brian Bakker – LinuxWorld SA – 16 May 2005
If you are reading this at Futurex you will probably have noticed two interesting things about the show this year: Microsoft is not here; and seemingly in its place is LinuxWorld SA. While the conspiracy theorists may have a field day with this, Aldean Prior, director of the Futurex exhibition, believes that this is mere coincidence, and that the two events are unrelated.

Review: Impi Linux 2
Walter Kruse – Tectonic – October 15 2004
As introduction to every review I write, I give an overview of my walk with Linux up to date, in order to set the scene. Here goes. The first distribution I ever installed was RedHat 6, in March 2000. Since then I have used, tested, or played with around thirty different distros.

SA Linux helps keep IT spend at home
Network Times – February 2004
South Africa has more than its fair share of technical skills and capable IT people. Unfortunately, the one thing it lacks in abundance is technical intellectual property (IP): technology developed locally that encourages local entrepreneurship and keeps IT spend in South Africa and out of foreign corporations pockets.

SA accounting gets smart
Alastair Otter – Tectonic – November 5 2003
Looking for open source accounting software? South African developers have produced one of the open source worlds most comprehensive accounting applications, says Andre Coetzee, a founder and leader of the Cubit project. And version 3.0 of the web-based application was released earlier this month with a number of enhancements planned for version 3.1 due out this week.

SA gets own version of Linux through Impi League
Estrategy – November 2003
South Africa now has its own variant of Linux, the open source operating system that is becoming a serious challenger to Microsoft: it is Impi, developed over a period of two years and now launched by open source grouping The Impi League.

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