Financial ratios
The Cubit system producers certain financial ratios automatically, referred to as the ‘business health report’. Of course these are part of the financial management tool arsenal and to mention a few, these are:
The acid test. This ration measures to what extent customers’ outstanding balances are sufficient to meet amounts owed to suppliers;
Customer turnover. This ratio determines the number of times that customers turnover during a period; Daily sales in receivables. This ration measures the average length of time receivables are outstanding. The ration assists to determine if potential collection problems exist;
Financial leverage. The ratio indicates the extent to which the owner has leveraged his investment. It can be seen as an explanation for the difference between a return on assets ratio and a return on equity ratio;
And many more…
A user of the Cubit system responsible for the financial management, and with the correct permissions, is able to link the various nominal ledger accounts to the various financial ratios. For example, in the ‘acid test’ ratio the user is able to indicate which accounts should be considered as ‘customers’ ‘outstanding balances’ or ‘Accounts Receivable’. A ‘health report’ can thus be generated at any time.

Balance Sheets and Cash flow reports
A feature of financial management reporting of the Cubit system is that the movements in nominal ledger accounts are automatically generated when the user views a balance sheet. The movement generated covers the current month and the period from the commencement of the financial year to the date of the current month. The user is also able to review these movements in respect of any month during the financial period and during any period of the previous financial period. The only action necessary by the user in order to produce a cash flow statement is to eliminate all the non-cash items in the income statement, such as depreciation. This feature is a differentiating function and ensures optimal financial management.

Export to Excel
General ledger accounts and any of the financial reports can be exported on the Cubit system to Excel worksheets. With the built in functions in the Microsoft Excel program it is possible for the user to design any financial report by the use of macros further enhancing the financial management.
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