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Accounting and Payroll

The Premier accounting and payroll software business system includes complete accounting functionality to balance sheet, unlimited cash books, petty cash books, Debtors, Creditors, Payroll, Stock and Inventory, Basic Bill of Materials and full accounting integration. Each version comes with a 100 user (or staff) Network (Non Asp) license.
The functions of both accounting software and payroll software are fully integrated, Some functions on the payroll will not operate if there are no employees, before adding an employee it is essential to configure the payroll to suit your own circumstances. It will be necessary to add any allowance, such as a clothing allowance; add a fringe benefit such as an interest free loan; add a deduction, for instance a deduction for meals at the canteen; or add a subsistence allowance. The payroll is completely integrated into the accounting software and when processing staff payments the entries in the accounting system are done simultaneously.

Special features of the payroll

Two special features of the payroll system are the ability to accumulate costs to different accounting cost centres; and the accuracy of accounting tax deductions, which take previous PAYE deductions into consideration. These two features are briefly discussed below:

Payroll Cost centres

In cases where employees work in different departments of the employer it is a possible to configure the payroll that so that all the employer’s cost of employment are directed to the accounting cost centres where the employee performs his duties. This configuration is done when the employee commences duties. In this manner all costs relating to a specific employee, such as UIF and skills levies, are collected in this accounting cost centre. Such a cost centre is normally a sub-account of the ‘salaries’ account in the general ledger. Click here for more information about payroll


Employee tax or PAYE deductions determined by the payroll system is accurate because the PAYE contributions prior to the date of employment are taken into consideration when computing the PAYE for a specific month or period. For example: an employee who commences work in the month of July would have paid PAYE at his previous employer for the months of March to June. The amount of PAYE deducted by his previous employer is taken into account when computing the PAYE deduction in respect of July by the payroll. Consequently the amount of PAYE for July is much more accurate than the deductions suggested by official booklets of South African Revenue Service (SARS).

The accounting and payroll system also caters for elaborate reports concerning employees. These include reports concerning all HR (Human Resource)aspects such as leave, history of employment and many more. The user may formulate and add specific reports.

There are no per employee costs for using the accounting and payroll system

Whether you use the accounting and payroll software business system as an accounting system or only the payroll, there are NO costs per 10 or 20 or 100 staff on the payroll or on the accounting side. The payroll also has no limitations and you could use the payroll for 10 staff or you could use the payroll in 100 companies with 100 staff members on each payroll. The same goes for accounting, whether there are 10 people processing accounting data in 100 companies, as long as you are not providing access to the accounting system as a service, there are no limitations.

Linux and Windows

Cubit Accounting and Payroll Software installs on any distribution of Linux and can then be accessed from the same Linux system using the Firefox web browser with the XUL Add on The Accounting and Payroll Software also could be installed on any 32bit Microsoft windows system and then accessed on the same Windows system or over a network using the Firefox web browser. The Cubit Accounting and Payroll Software could also be accessed as an online or web hosted solution. Cubit is therefore Linux Accounting and Payroll system software and also Windows Accounting and Payroll system software.
Cubit Accounting and Payroll can also be accessed with the Internet or just on one computer with no network, Cubit can also be accessed from most cellular telephones…

You can obtain the accounting software from your nearest Cubit dealer or you can arrange a download by contacting us here. Please remember that there are many independent versions of the software, there is the Cubit Professional version, the Cubit Property Software, the Cubit Manufacturing Software, and Cellphone Applications as well as Various commercial Point of Sale Software and Systems.

The free and open BSD Licensed opensource-55x48opensource CubitPOS (Cubit Point of Sale) software can be downloaded from sourceforge