Software Development

Custom and bespoke software development:

Cubit provides a custom software development service, this includes:

  • software design
  • engineering
  • testing
  • implementation

Software Design

The initial development scope of any project is the basis where the client expectation and software deliverable should be clearly defined. The first step of software development is a project plan. This
project plan should clearly define the various deliverables and milestones of the development as
a whole and include a development time line.
Cubit does bespoke software development for clients and mostly follow this procedure:

  • Create detailed project plan
  • Document client requirement
  • Produce client specification
  • Define Architecture
  • Produce Software
  • Initial testing
  • Software adjustments
  • Initial Deployment
  • Software Implimentation
  • Software Training

Certain processes run paralel to the above for example the creation of software documentation etc.

Software Engineering

Cubit uses various technologies in order to supply deliverables that exceed customer expectations.
These include many open source technologies, systems, frameworks and developmental platforms. Cubit
also uses proprietary Sun Microsystems, Microsoft and various other platforms, tools and utilities to power professional software development for clients.

Software Implementation

When deploying custom or bespoke software, Cubit uses in-house deployment utilities among
the arsenal of tools available. These implementation utilities give Cubit an edge over
other offerings and ensures that the milestones, as defined in the project plan, are
fully and completely met.

Software Rollout

The end deliverable products or modules are delivered to include inline comments together
with documentation and is usually supplied simultaneously in compiled format (if relevant)
in order to provide for a turnkey completion to any bespoke or custom software development

Software Training

Of special mention is the fact that Cubit provides both train the trainer and train the
end software user, options. This ensures that Cubit is able to provide a complete development
deliverable that is also fully applied in terms of the original requirement vision.
User training and acceptance of custom developed software is paramount in any completion
and adequate training ensures that users feel comfortable int he new software environment
and can more easily adept and accept new procedures and systems.

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