In a computerised system and specifically when using an accounting package or suite, bookkeeping knowledge is still very much required. Most modern day financial accounting systems still implements some form of the double entry accounting method. Surprisingly many smaller and lesser known accounting systems actually just do not work, but mostly due to a lack of knowledge, skill and experience the users of such systems initially just do not know that they will eventually be requiring the skills of an actual bookkeeper.

Bookkeeping a few decades ago was done by hand and was a long and tedious process, modern day electronic systems mostly do not allow single legged journal entries (except some 🙂 )and actually protect the bookkeeper from performing major damage on the set of accounts. the face of bookkeeping is also changing insofar the traditional bookkeeper is migrating towards compliancy and governance issues rather than being a glorified data capturer. Modern day bookkeepers have to possess enormous (and copious) amounts of computerised accounting system skill and sometimes are expected to be fluent on three or four different systems.

Powerful multi user, SQL based network accounting systems like Cubit Accounting Software with Payroll
allows bookkeeping to happen in the background whilst general everyday tasks are being performed. In the old days one had to record the Invoice and do the bookkeeping entries (single or double), these days it all happens at the same time and there is almost no duplication in the bookkeeping process.

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