System Software:

You or your chosen Cubit dealer can install the Cubit system software on Microsoft Windows (Copyright Microsoft Corporation) 2000, XP or Vista systems or any Linux Operating system. After Installation you can access the system (if you created an account and given yourself permission) from anywhere on the network using a web browser or local application module. Into your system firefox browser URL bar you type the IP number of the system that you installed the system software on. If it is your own system it should be

The Cubit system software installs a powerful SQL database server on your PC and a powerful web server. Except for running the Cubit system software from a web browser there are also user based client side modules, these can be installed on cellular telephones, Apple Mac, Linux, Windows, BSD and access the main Cubit system software. The retail POS module is one of these client side modules another example is the Sales Person Cellular phone software – you can Invoice, Reserve stock, Check Customer Statements, Access your diary and much more right from your cell phone!

The main Cubit system software is accessed with a web browser called FireFox (copyright Mozilla Corp) – Download it from so even if you have installed Cubit on your own notebook or desktop you have to execute the FireFox web browser and type in the IP number of the machine you installed on (Your own machine is Generally on a default windows install an icon is added to your desktop for easy access to the web browser.

If you wish to allow others to access Cubit on your server, they need to install the FireFox web browser and type in your IP number in the URL bar (eg. You need to configure your server firewall to allow access to either port 443 (HTTP) or port 80 (HTTP) depending on what you have configured. (Linux offers the choice during installation of 443 or 80)
We gaurantee you the most comprehensive Business, Accounting and Payroll software ever, for more information or to arrange a demonstration on Cubit please email us on Please send me more information on Cubit Business Software please

How does it work?

You can obtain the Cubit installation system software from a retail store that supplies the software or from your closest dealer.

Then you can also request the dealer to quote on the install of an evaluation version for you to play with before you actually purchase the software. You do not require or need an Internet connection to use any of the Cubit system software.

When purchasing Cubit software the following services could be included in your purchase price:

  • 100 concurrent user license
  • Evaluation of your Computers, network systems, accounting procedures, chart of accounts and usage requirements
  • Installation at your premises
  • Configuration of Dynamic DNS, ADSL routers etc. if required
  • Configuration of the software, user and permission setting configurations
  • Configuration of Accounting including chart of accounts, bank and company details
  • Four Hours of basic training at your premises
  • Telephonic support
  • Unlimited e-mail support
  • One years updates and new software versions

Pricing of the above may vary depending on your region and dealer charges.

List of specialised versions:

Property software for estate agents and managing agents
Manufacturing Advanced and Basic manufacturing
Hospitality Restaurants, Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, Pubs, Status Is currently in Beta test stages

Please remember that there is enhanced security if professionally installed and configured