Cubit Accounting Software

The various open source software licenses range from BSD Licensing to GPL licenses and is either downloadable from GitHub or from Sourceforge.

Andre Coetzee also offers various other licensing options.

Regarding the various Open Source offerrings, You (or anyone) may download and sell the software to anyone else. You (or anyone) may also provide and charge money for services and support without having to request any permissions or anything from us. In fact the BSD licensed software allows you to add your own logos and even sell the software under your own brand without having to provide anyone your source code. The BSD licensed software and source code is COMPLETELY FREE.

 Andre Coetzee provides no warranties, support, sales or any other services related to any Cubit Accounting Software

As there is no possibility of any business relationship with us, there is also no need for you to contact us regarding any sales or support related questions. If you do need to contact us – please use this contact email address¬† Please add “Cubit Accounting” in the subject line so that your inquiry may reach the relevant staff member(s)


Download Core Cubit: