Cubit has all the modules that you require effectively replacing your current business software. These additional modules are available at no additional software cost but there could be installation and possibly configuration charges depending on the business software module involved, please check availability with your selected Cubit dealer.
As Cubit is a local application and also available as web browser based system, You can also provide access to your company over the Internet (or any network) and Cubit is of course a complete network multi user system. (If you are connecting your business software to the Internet we recommend a Linux operating system). The Cubit business software will improve your administration, lower your costs dramatically, increase your efficiency, provide you with information timorously and efficiently and has the highest ROI and lowest cost of ownership compared with any other business software system.
Among all the tasks these Cubit modules perform, they can also manage and increase your customers and suppliers service experience, increase new sales (CRM) and improve stock (Inventory) efficiency.
The Cubit business software also includes Cellular telephone applications that interact with the main system. These modules are also avaialble at no financial cost.

We guarantee you the most comprehensive Business, Accounting and Payroll software ever, for more information or to arrange a demonstration on Cubit please email us on
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Cubit Suitability:

Cubit scales to different business sizes, work flows and amounts of transactions. Our average users have 5+ concurrent users and around 10 000+ daily transactions, with 5000+ lines of stock items, 1000+ clients and 1000+ suppliers.

Cubit complies with SARS, IFRS, GAAP, GRAP, ASA, ISA and supports various ISO standards especially with regards RFID.
Legislatively Cubit is designed for use within the borders of South Africa.

10 Reasons why Cubit Accounting Software is the most popular, fastest growing accounting software

1.NO additional costs per user –

To add an additional user to Cubit – `Click on Add User`, no additional costs. As the your practice grows and you add more administrative staff you just add users to the Cubit system (With the correct User permissions of course)

2.NO downtime due to Viruses –
Cubit can run from a server (which could be your computer or a real server)- It is not affected by virus and other user-land problems, it just always works. (Cubit only accepts alpha numeric input)

3.NO additional modules required –
You do not need to install a Payroll, Time and Attendance, Cash Book or whatever module. It is ALL included (and costs the same!)

4.Powerful SQL back-end –

Cubit could do 500 000 simultaneous transactions and can store 64 Terra bytes per table in 64 million tables (Without ANY additional per user or other SQL licensing fee’s).

5.Cubit is a vast Internet Website –
You could have your Cubit configured so that your customers or staff (or you) can securely access it over the Internet or limit access only to your office.


Cubit allows you to import your clients set of accounting records and perform journals on the clients data and export your journals for easy replay in the customers own set of accounts, all this while the customer continues trading (without disruption!)

7.Cubit has more bells and whistles
Cubit has more bells and whistles than any other system out there, and then some more. One could import South African bank statements into any of the unlimited numbers of cash books, check e-mail, use group-ware, use the Powerful to-do or where-is functionality. (Cubit also complies with IFRS, GAAP, GRAP, SARS and other best practices and standards.)

8.Updates, new versions and e-mail support
Updates, new versions, telephonic and unlimited e-mail support are all included.

When you see the Cubit financial statements and Reports yourself reason number 9 becomes self explanatory.

10.Cubit listens
Cubit listens to our customers, we are continually and tirelessly improving, updating and working on the Cubit system, we have vertical market versions such as property, manufacturing, hospitality and others