Business System Overview:

Double entry software managed forensic and network user based transactional system

Account numbering:
Four digit main account and three digit sub account traditional account
based view: 0000/000 (Main/Sub) Three Main Account types, Income (0001/000 to 1999/000),
Expense (2000/000 to 4999/000), Balance (5000/000 to 9999/000), Cost of Sales Ranges from 2150/000 to 199/000

Month Close:
Only if manually setting Interest and Aging costs/charges (Cubit system can do aging without user intervention) – Month Close functions are depreciated in modern SQL based permanent data availability.

Accounting systems Year/Financial Year:
Can do transaction(s) in GL of previous/Closed year. In modern SQL based permanent data availability Accounting systems, requirements for 12,13,14,15 separate accounting periods in a financial year is depreciated.

Theoretical limitations: 500 000 simultaneous/concurrent Transactions, 64 Million x 64 Terra Byte

Research and Development

Since 2001 we have been developing Cubit by consulting with leading experts on an ongoing basis, stringent research and development and an open door client policy.
Our research and development team constantly develops new processes, perform implementations at test sites and undertake rigorous software and human interface testing, giving Cubit a level of software maturity beyond it’s developmental years.

This tireless and continuing research and developmental process underpins our dedication to being the network accounting and business system of choice.

Hardware and other Requirements

Because the business system scales between one user and hundreds of concurrent users, it not only grows with your business but ideally in multiple user environments, Cubit probably requires a server(s).

We recommend the following hardware specification:

1 to 5 users:

Entry level PC with 2GB ram and 80GB sata hard disk drive

5 to 20 users:

P4 2Core or AMD equivalent, single CPU, 4-8GB Ram, SCSI 15000RPM drive(s)

20 plus concurrent users:

Multiple servers and/or multi CPU servers (Consult us or your dealer)

Speed and Scalability is dependent on your configuration, if Cubit is not properly configured it will not run at optimal speed, please contact your dealer or Cubit directly on for assistance.

We gaurantee you the most comprehensive Business, Accounting and Payroll software ever, for more information or to arrange a demonstration on Cubit please email us on Please send me more information on Cubit Business Software please


Who can I contact for support?

You should have the contact details of a Cubit Accountant partner or Dealer and you can contact them via telephone, email or fax. You could also send an E-mail to support cubit dot coza

Microsoft Windows (TM)(c) Microsoft Corporation:

Only update registered versions of Cubit.
Should your system – freeze – please update to the latest version of Cubit OR:

This is very very important.

1. Right Click – My Computer – then
2. Left Click Properties then click Advanced then

3. left click Performance Settings then
4. Left click the tab at the top – Advanced – then
5. Left Click Virtual Memory Change then
6. Select the radio button in the middle System Managed Size then
7. Left Click Set then
8. Left Click OK then

9. Left Click OK.

Please e-mail us at support at for any difficulties you are experiencing.

Linux Challenges:

NB Please use the latest version of Firefox only.NB – NOT doing this will result in display errors.

Cubit includes source code for a local compile of customised BSD and GPL licensed software and requires: gcc, dialog, readline-devel, zlib-dev, flex, bison
Cubit conflicts with vanilla versions of Apache, PHP and Postgresql and you probably need to edit the httpd.conf file of either the Cubit version of Apache (or thttpd depending on Cubit version) or your other Apache (Or your other webserver application) to listen on a different port number if you require a different version of PHP for other applications. As source code is distributed and compiled in every build as per the GPL requirements there are no additional distributions
For SSL install (https) you may need to create symlinks to libssl and libcrypto to versions 0.9.8 of these libraries if you use that version in your selected distro.