There are three main types of application development on offer:

  1. You never pay anything (R0.00) We develop an application with you, for your forever free use, so that we can supply the same application to other people
  2. You pay for everything (an original application), we develop everything from scratch and you can set proprietary licensing, or we can build on GPL/BSD/etc Licensing to save costs.
  3. You pay nothing up front and we develop an application for you that you lease from us or pay per usage

How Our Application Development works:

Step One of Application Development

  • Write a short paragraph of 100 or less words describing the Application (Executive/Overview of Application Goal, Functionality and Requirement)

Step Two of Application Development

  • Start a Project Document by “Copy & Paste” the short paragraph into the top of the first page of a new document
  • Type Three Headings: (1) Application Requirements (2) Application Functionalities (3) Application Development

Step Three of Application Development

  • Under Application Requirements: Write out, one requirement per line, an example would be: Admin Section, Add/Edit/Delete/Suspend Users (User Management)
  • Under Application Functionalities: Write out one function per line, an example would be: User Sign On Screen with three fields, User Name, Password and 2nd Factor Auth code
  • Under Application Development: Start this section by writing out the details of the Application Technology, and example would be SQL Database back end


To open a discussion, to obtain quotes, pricing and more information – Please email your “initial short paragraph of 100 or less words describing the Application” to me

General questions, more information :