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Bentley & Associates
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Sanwood Office Park, 379 Queen Crescent Street,
Lynnwood, Pretoria, 0081.

About Bentley & Associates

The firm was founded over 40 years ago by CF Bentley, a Chartered Accountant (SA) who has subsequently been working with GD Haskins, a Professional Accountant (SA).

Business Website Address: Bentley & Associates
Business Phone Number: 012 361 3914
Business Fax: 086 641 2840
Booysen & Dry
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435 Kirkness Street
Pretoria, Gauteng

About Booysen & Dry;

Booysen & Dry Auditors and Accountants has been in the business of growing our clients’ business with sound advice for more than twenty years.

We focus on building long term relationships with small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and advise on the most beneficial financial decisions to set the accounting side of your business straight.

Auditing, tax, and bookkeeping services are our main focus, but we always strive to add real value in the form of tax optimizing, training and system implementation

Contact Us and see what we can do for your business. Your financial, accounting and auditing headaches would be a thing of the past.

Business Website Address: Booysen & Dry
Business Phone Number: 012 343 0266
Business Fax: 012 343 0266
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Strachan & Crouse
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G01 Harrogate Park
1237 Pretorius Street
Hatfield, Pretoria

About Strachan & Crouse:

Registered with the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors and the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants.

The firm was established in 1983 and is practising as STRACHAN & CROUSE since 1995. Even though we had various opportunities to merge with other prominent audit firms, we have always believed that we can serve our clients better in a smaller, more specialised environment.

The firm currently consists of three partners who have many years experience in the profession and therefore have a vast experience in audit, consulting and related businesses. Although our vision is to expand our practice, our policy is to identify those personnel in our employment who have the potential and share in our vision and train them as possible partners, rather than recruit somebody from outside the organisation.

Business Website Address: Strachan & Crouse
Business Phone Number: 012 430 3420
Business Fax: 012 430 3422
TCS Accounting
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47 Redwood Place,
Moreleta Ridge, Pretoria.

About TCS Accounting:

TCS Accounting is firstly focused on providing excellent financial services to companies in and around Pretoria, and secondly TCS Accounting provides personal tax services especially to, but not limited to, the pharmaceutical representatives and their management.

Business Website Address: TCS Accounting
Business Phone Number: 012 997 0577
Business Fax: 086 614 0870
UT Financial Services
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Trekfred Building, Shop 11, 492 Voortrekker Road, GEZINA

About UT Financial Services:

UT Financial Services South Africa (UTFS SA) is a registered financial services provider focused on partnering with and developing opportunities for the small-to-medium businesses that drive South Africa’s economy.

We pride ourselves on breaking through the old-school barriers to financial freedom for South African SMEs, helping them invest in their skills as they expand and succeed.

Our simple three-step process to financial independence means loan approval for qualifying businesses is granted within 48 hours.

Access to finance is often the hardest barrier for smaller companies to overcome as they strive for success.  That’s why at UTFS SA, when they say NO, we say WHY NOT?

Business Website Address: UT Financial Services
Business Phone Number: 012 941 4715
Business Fax: 012 941 4715